He Writes Things Down

Erwin EphronErwin Ephron is one of the acknowledged “fathers” of modern media planning. His fresh ideas about how media work have changed the way advertising is managed throughout the world.

He is also different from many of the other smart people in the business. He writes things down.

More than 15 thousand people access his website archive each month. His writings are also widely published overseas, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, India, Latin America and Japan, where his “Lectures for Media Planning” have been printed and distributed by Hakuhodo, Inc. In the US, 100 of his published papers have been collected by the Procter & Gamble Media Resource Center library for easy access by their marketing groups.

  • In 2008 he was honored with the Advertising Research Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • He was recognized as One of Five Most Influential Media People of the Last 25-years by American Demographics Magazine.
  • He is the winner (with Stu Gray) of the Advertising Research Foundation’s Lysaker Award.
  • He is the winner (with Melissa Heath) of the WPP “Atticus Award” for best published paper on media.
  • He has been elected to the Market Research Council’s “Hall of Fame“.

Mediapost’s register of Influential Media People described Erwin in six words: “The Guru. Need we say more?”

After a long agency career; BBDO, Carl Ally, and his own Ephron, Raboy & Tsao, Erwin founded Ephron, Papazian & Ephron, Inc., now a pre-eminent media consultancy with clients in the US and across the world.

by Erwin Ephron


One comment

  1. Alangkah Indahnya kalau di Indonesia untuk yang mempunyai prestasi di dunia Media Advertising mendapatkan penghargaan seperti yg dialami oleh Erwin Ephron, Saya rasa akan banyak orang yg mendedikasikan dirinya untuk bidang Media ini.


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